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What a challenging time we currently face, both traders and customers, facing unknown obstacles that most of us have never faced before.

The good news is is part of a bigger team – the website is to help local and independent businesses get listed, and of course to show how great and diverse Colchester is. But to further push this out to a wider audience, we are asking you to join our “Colchester Community Market” group on Facebook, that is specifically designed for home businesses, people who sell crafts, and independent outlets around Colchester, to promote, and show and tell of offers and specials.

Please join if you are a individual looking for great offers, gifts, and ideas, that support local business, commerce and employment. Also join if if you are a local independent business looking to advertise to over 3,000 nearby people (and growing), for FREE!

Join, then bring your friends by inviting them too.

Hope to see you there soon.

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The best directory for the Colchester and surrounding areas, from shops and retailers, to parks and leisure. Use the site, enjoy it, and please share the links to your social media platforms.

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