Almost Time!

Well, what a year it has been!

If you haven’t learnt how to use Zoom, or order shopping- via the internet, homeschool the children or wear face-coverings, then you might be one of the millions who have now signed-up to one of the many subscription services for TV and Movies!

Of course, whilst it’s been challenging for so many of us, it has also been extra busy for many keyworkers in jobs that have kept operating throughout. It has also been exceptionally tough for all the amazing frontline workers, for whom we have a HUGE amount of respect for, but it has also been an unenviable time for all our beloved independent businesses, including the local shops and outlets around Colchester- each of whom we cherish, enjoy, and show support to.

When the series of lockdowns do eventually start to abate; when the challenges facing us all presently are finally beaten, and as our local shops, retailers and businesses start to blossom back into their ‘normal’ operations. This is where we are asking, suggesting, and emphasising , the use of this directory (

Go on, take a look through; when you finish, please share the site link to your social media accounts (we are always trying to update with new entries when possible), to help play your part in supporting our local businesses, people, employment, and commerce….

Some people paid little attention to our smaller independent businesses before the lockdown began, before Covid was even a thing. But it is fair to say that we are now ALL looking forward to having a browse around the local shops, maybe enjoying a drink & cake with a friend or the family, using the local facilities and having some much-deserved FUN! It shall be lovely to be able to do all this whilst being able to chill out and be part of the atmosphere of it all, of the local area, of what we have all missed for a long time now.

“The value of the well was not understood…. Until the well ran dry”

Give the directory a share- shout about your favourite local business to your friends and family, play your part, support our friends with their great businesses.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe, stay happy!

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The best directory for the Colchester and surrounding areas, from shops and retailers, to parks and leisure. Use the site, enjoy it, and please share the links to your social media platforms.

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