Here comes British Summer-Time!

With the clocks soon to ‘Leap’ forward one hour, British Summer-Time shall be affording us longer daylight, and (hopefully!) lots of gorgeous Spring days.

With the predicted warmth of Spring about to bring lots of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, it also brings opportunities to enjoy walks in your local woods or country park.

Perhaps you shall be lucky enough to find a carpet of Bluebells sweeping across the forest floor, to see a birds nest knitted with spectacular skill, being eagerly tended by the ‘soon-to-be’ parents, maybe you will fall in love at the complete delight of seeing a mother-duck with her convoy of tiny chicks, following her every move along the river in Castle Park!

The positivity of the sunshine, the amazing sight of new life, the arrival of the season of new beginnings, brings all of us up a level of happiness; why not get out with your camera or camera phone, take some snaps as you trek around, then share them onto the ‘Colchester Community Group’ on Facebook, for all to enjoy.

Time to treat yourself to a new item for the wardrobe?

How about checking through the Directory, where we have a range of local and independent clothing shops and boutiques, just perfect for choosing an exciting new item to wear; we have included the links to the website and social media pages on each entry on the Directory, for your convenience.

Take a few moments today to check out the ‘Clothing’ section of the Directory, use the links to see the ranges available on each independent business; both Women’s & men’s clothing, shoes, style accessories and much more- everything you need to look FAB for Spring!

When you have enjoyed that browse, why not have a look through the different categories of the Directory; find the ideal place to get your car serviced, the best ideas for your weekend takeaway, the perfect flower shop to send a message of love to someone special- and much more.

Lastly; we are at a pivotal point; get supporting your local people, economy, jobs, and great independent retailers, by simply giving the link a BIG share to your social media posts. – it’s all about your Colchester.

Photo 1; deer at Boxted. Photo 2; Buzzard above the woods

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The best directory for the Colchester and surrounding areas, from shops and retailers, to parks and leisure. Use the site, enjoy it, and please share the links to your social media platforms.

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