Go 4 Cafe

Non-profit – Social enterprise – Cafe

So much great stuff goes on at the Go 4 Cafe, including; giving invaluable work/skills and experience to people with extra-learning needs (who run the cafe on certain days). Also, the ‘Cafe Sospeso’ scheme- where people can buy a breakfast or similar for someone who may need it in the future. What a genuinely lovely thing to do! You may not know who it benefits, but it will definitely benefit someone who will be grateful! Dog friendly, with disabled access and toilet, welcoming to all. Go 4 Cafe should be an absolute must for you to visit!

Take the dog for a walk/run around the large recreation ground, take the children to play on the park equipment, enjoy a fresh air walk yourself, or just dive straight in to the cafe- whatever you do, take your time to savour the goodness of the Go 4 Cafe!

  • social enterprise
  • non profit
  • dog friendly


Opening times: Everyday, 10:00-17:00

Address: GO4 Cafe, Old Pavilion, Old Heath Recreation Ground, Old Heath Rd, Colchester CO1 2HE

Phone: 07531 207677

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