Furze Hill Recreation Ground

Recreation Ground

Furze Hill is a most excellent find, particularly if you have children that need to get outdoors for a while, or if you like a picnic, a stroll through the woods, perhaps just seeing the amazing trees! You park next to the playpark that has several apparatus such as slides, swings, roundabouts etc. Then you’ll see a big green sign showing a map of the ‘Furze Hill Fitness Trail’ – with a route to follow. With lots of old and hollowed out trees, there are some truly amazing sights amongst these old lovelies.

Home of the well-loved tree “Old Knobbley”
  • Children’s playpark
  • Furze Hill Fitness Trail
  • Beautiful old trees

  • Playing fields
  • Pond
  • Car park

Address: Shrubland Road, Mistley, Colchester, CO11 1HS

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