Lexden Shoes

Lexden Shoes offers the customer a great variety of women’s and men’s shoes; from court to leisure, from colourful and eye catching designs to the finest, smart dress-up shoes, with a well-chosen range of handbags, clutch-bags, accessories and more. One-to-one appointments currently available.

Style Essential

With fabulous style, quintessential brands, and great collaborations of designs, Style Essential can give perfect advice on your fit and clothing that will suit you to a tee, ensuring you look as sharp as a very sharp dart. Online store for postal deliveries available.

Attitude Inc

With a broad range of clothing, footwear and more, Attitude Inc is a first choice shop to go to! With styles of casual, retro, and uniqueness, you can literally kit yourself out entirely in this one shop. Online store for postal deliveries available.

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